Air Freight Vs Sea Freight? Find Out Which Is The Best Shipping Option!

we will see both air freight and ocean freight shipping, two of the best shipping methods, and find out which one is the right choice.

Air Freight Vs Sea Freight? Find Out Which Is The Best Shipping Option!

Our life is full of decisions. We take decisions every day, in every matter of life. From your high school time, you start taking decisions. You decide what course you will study in college. You decide which career to pursue and you decide about your living.

Decision-making is definitely an art. Making decisions gets more difficult when you have multiple options to choose from. This is where you consider some factors and find out what you like the most. The option that goes with your liking wins your favor.

And if you work in logistics, one of those choices will undoubtedly have to do with how you want to transport your products. Sometimes this choice is simple, but when international shipping requirements and constrained timelines clash, the choice may become significantly more difficult.

In today’s article, we will see both air freight and ocean freight shipping, two of the best shipping methods, and find out which one is the right choice. We will discuss some of the key features of the best freight company and the decision will be yours to decide the best between them. Let’s find out what are the deciding factors among air and sea freight shipping services!

Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight Shipping? Factors to Consider

The continuous study is necessary to choose the best route of transportation for your freight. Your supply chain demands will need to be reviewed frequently to maintain its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

When deciding whether air freight or ocean shipping is the best choice to meet your current transportation demands, be sure to take the following factors into account.

  • Costs of the Freight Is Dependent on Freight Characteristics

Chargeable weight, a statistic created by combining the weight and size of the package, is used to compute air freight billing. The weight of the shipment is typically not taken into account in ocean shipping. Instead, ocean transportation is billed by container, with a set rate for a complete standard container (20′ x 40′). Billing for LCLs is done on a cubic merry basis.

Transporting your goods via sea usually costs less for large, heavy cargo. However, the difference between air and ocean freight prices also decreases when the shipping volume decreases.

But the price of transportation of goods itself is just the start. Estimating inventory costs is also important. The cost of warehousing for ocean shipments is typically higher than the cost of warehousing at airports.

When it comes to shipping your goods internationally, both air freight and sea freight will have to pay customs and destination fees. So it in mind before choosing one of them.

  • Prices Vary In Both Shipping Methods

Air freight is much quicker than ocean freight, no doubt about that. Ocean cargoes may take weeks to arrive sometimes. Within a day or two, air freight can reach its destination. Although ships are becoming quicker and ocean transport routes are continually improved, air freight still has an advantage in terms of speed.

Quicker delivery times are increasingly becoming standard across many industries, so take the time to carefully map out your shipping strategy before sending everything by air right away. It will reduce costs and produce long-term efficiencies.

  • Both Shipping Methods Are Reliable

Schedule changes are often handled more efficiently by airlines than by ocean carriers. Although factors like weather can significantly alter airline timetables, flights often get rescheduled and altered promptly and effectively. Moreover, while ships typically depart once a week, there are typically several flights each day between large cities.

Despite this, air freight is not always more dependable than maritime freight. Ships frequently require a few days to resume normal operations after being thrown off schedule. Even for some time-sensitive freight like perishables, clothing, and auto parts, however, ocean shipping can become a desirable choice because to ongoing alliances amongst ocean carriers that can increase the reliability and integrity of ocean transportation.

  • Ocean Alliances Can Be A Little Complex

Although partnerships between ocean carriers boost reliability, they can also lead to issues. For instance, if three ocean carriers collaborate, you might have a ship from one carrier one week and a different carrier the following week. 

The permitted commodities are governed by a unique set of regulations for each carrier. Therefore, even if you ship the same goods on the same vessel every week, there is a chance that your product could be rejected if a different carrier is in charge because the rules have changed.

Whom Should You Go For? Air Freight Or Ocean Freight?

Usually, speed of delivery is the main factor in choosing air freight. As opposed to ocean service, transporting your cargo by air enables a compressed schedule. This is especially beneficial for transporting products with limited shelf lives. Faster service comes with increased transportation expenses, though. You must decide what is appropriate for your shipping plan.

Which should you pick, then? Consider your budget, the deadline for delivery of your goods, and the impact that each mode will have on your company’s most vital requirements.

If your budget enables it and your shipments have a strict, imminent arrival deadline, transport goods through air freight. Use ocean freight for transporting goods if your arrival date is more flexible or you wish to save money.

Bottom Line: Air Freight Vs Sea Freight

If you are not being able to take optimal decisions regarding shipping your goods, you can take the services of any third-party logistics company. There are several shipping companies in Dubai operating to provide cargo services from Dubai to different countries across the globe. ABF Shipping is also one of the best third-party logistics companies in Dubai which can help you choose the best shipping options for you. 

For greater cost-effectiveness, pick a 3PL with the size to combine your air and ocean freight with those of other customers. The top international service providers employ their expertise from working with the biggest, most experienced shippers worldwide to your success.

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